New Edition California Water by Littleworth & Garner


Available Now! California Water, 3rd Edition 

California Water, 3rd edition is a thoroughly updated edition of this concise guide to historical, legal and policy issues affecting water use in California. Covering new and emerging topics, including the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, climate change and conservation, and features new maps of California’s major water supply systems and enhanced water quality content.


Arthur L. Littleworth has long been considered one of the preeminent water law attorneys in the United States. In his more than 50 years of legal practice at Best Best & Krieger, he participated in all aspects of water law.

Eric L. Garner practices water rights and supply law at Best Best & Krieger where he has served as the managing partner since 2005. He represents clients in surface water and groundwater matters throughout California.

“Littleworth and Garner have achieved the impossible. They have untied California’s Gordian knot of water rights, laws, and policies and made them understandable for all. With California’s water management teetering on the edge of crisis, this timely book is critical for everyone working on and learning about the state’s challenges in an age of growing population, unsustainable water demand, and increasing climate change impacts.” - Mark Gold, Associate Vice Chancellor of Environment and Sustainability, UCLA

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