Book Proposals

Do you have an idea for a book?

Solano Press invites practitioners, students, and other readers to suggest ideas for books that would assist you in your work. Is there a book you would find useful, but can't find anywhere?

Please contact us:

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Solano Press Books
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Solano Press also welcomes proposals for books at any stage of development. Please submit a proposal that contains:

  • A brief summary (not to exceed two pages) that describes in narrative form the essence of the book you propose. The summary should describe the book’s overall character and the topics it will cover, as well as why you think the book is needed and how it might be useful. Please also include an estimate of the time you will need to finish a first draft of the manuscript. 

  • A table of contents or outline that explains the content and organization of the book. Please include a brief summary of each chapter’s content, in either paragraph or outline form. The table of contents/outline may be considered preliminary and subject to revision as the project proceeds. 

  • A market assessment that describes the market for the book. Topics covered should include: 

    • The book’s intended readers. Please describe as specifically as possible the types of practitioners your book will address (e.g., city planners, attorneys), their areas of specialty (e.g., land use planning, wetlands regulation), and where they might work (e.g., local government agencies, consulting firms, law firms). If your book might also have a student market, please indicate the types of courses for which the book might serve as a text. Please also specify any groups or associations that might be interested in your book, along with possibilities for bulk sales through these organizations (e.g., at conferences). 

    • Other related books, and how your book will differ. Please provide the title, author, publisher, and publication date of any related books, and indicate how your book would differ in content, organization, or readership. Please consult the Solano Press website to be sure that you are not duplicating topics already addressed in Solano Press publications. 

  • Resumes for the author(s). If your book will have multiple authors, please include a resume for each author. Each resume should be no more than two pages long. If each chapter of your book will have a different author, please include, at minimum, the full names, titles, and affiliations of the chapter authors.

Author manuscript template

          Guide for authors in preparing manuscripts for submission.


Please send your proposal to:

Natalie Macris, Acquisitions Editor
Solano Press Books
PO Box 773, Point Arena
CA 95468 

or via e-mail

If you have any questions about the proposal process, please feel free to contact Ms. Macris via e-mail, or call her at 415-533-1399.