California Land Use & Planning Law 39th edition
California Land Use & Planning Law 39th edition
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California Land Use & Planning Law 39th edition

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Authors: Cecily Talbert Barclay and Matthew S. Gray
We're pleased to announce you can now order the updated, 39th edition of California Land Use & Planning Law .
For over three decades, California Land Use & Planning Law has provided a succinct and definitive summary of the major provisions of California's land use and planning laws. It has been cited by the California Supreme Court and numerous appellate courts as an authoritative source.

Cecily Barclay has authored this book since 1999 and was joined by Matt Gray as co-author in 2006. After years of continually expanding the book with added topics, new analysis, and additional authors for certain chapters, the last edition book in 2022 had grown to over 600 pages. This year, Cecily and Matt focused on making the book more concise and reader-friendly, while still addressing the most significant new developments of the past several years. As a result, this 39th edition is nearly one-third shorter without sacrificing the analysis and insights that are most critical to understanding California land use and planning law. Like all editions published since his passing, this book is again dedicated to Dan Curtin, who first authored it over 40 years ago.

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