Guide to California Planning, 5th edition
Guide to California Planning, 5th edition
William Fulton and Paul Shigley

Guide to California Planning, 5th edition

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Since it was first published in 1991, Guide to California Planning has served as the authoritative textbook on city and county planning practice throughout the state. The first book ever written that covers all aspects of planning in a single state, Guide to California Planning is used as a textbook in virtually every college- and graduate-level planning program in California.

In this revised and expanded fifth edition, William Fulton and Paul Shigley lay out planning laws and processes in detail and describe how planning really works in California—how cities and counties and developers and citizen groups all interact with each other on a daily basis to shape California communities and the California landscape, for better and for worse. Significant new topics addressed in this edition include the state’s increasing focus on infill and transit-oriented development and climate action plans, including ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Easy to read and understand, Guide to California Planning is far more than a textbook. It’s an ideal tool for planning professionals, members of allied professions in the planning and development fields, and citizen activists.


William Fulton, AICP, is Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University as well as Editor and Publisher of California Planning & Development Report ( Over the past 35 years, he has written about and influenced planning in California in a wide-ranging series of roles, including Mayor and City Councilmember in Ventura, Director of Planning in San Diego, Principal at the urban planning consulting firm now known as Placeworks, Senior Fellow at the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California, and Vice President and Director of Policy Development at the advocacy group Smart Growth America. He wrote the first edition of Guide to California Planning in 1991 and has written several other books about planning, including The Reluctant Metropolis: The Politics of Urban Growth in Los Angeles and The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl, co-authored with Peter Calthorpe.

Paul Shigley is an editor and analyst in the Environment and Planning division of ICF, where he prepares environmental review documents and natural resource management plans for public agencies, utilities and private landowners. Prior to joining ICF in 2011, Paul was a journalist for 24 years, serving as editor of California Planning & Development Report and as an editor and reporter for newspapers in Grass Valley, Redding and the Napa Valley. He also was a frequent contributor to regional and national publications, including Planning magazine. Paul is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento. He and his wife, Dana, live in Santa Rosa, California and Portland, Oregon.


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