California Environmental Law and Policy
A Practical Guide


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The only book that covers the entire field of California environmental, land use, and natural resources law in a concise, user-friendly format. Authors Herson and Lucks have now thoroughly updated and expanded the first edition, including

  • Significant updates to federal and state environmental law that occurred between 2008 and late 2016.

  • An additional major chapter on international, national and state climate change law and policy.

  • This book was written to serve the needs of planners, project applicants, developers, landowners, regulatory agency staff, consultants, attorneys, environmental managers, interested citizens, and students with a survey of California environmental law written for a general, non-technical audience.

    Written in non-technical language, the book comprehensively surveys the most important California environmental statutes and regulatory programs, as well as relevant federal environmental statutes and regulatory programs. It highlights landmark court cases and current policy issues, and provides practical tips on getting through the regulatory process successfully. To assist in more in-depth research, the book identifies sources of further information for each major program.

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